Frame shape advice

Purpose and personal preference play a decisive role in choosing a frame shape


The name of the classic frame shape is derived from the English word "diamond". The triangular construction offers maximum stability, even if the top tube no longer tends to be horizontal today. Sporty bicycles are almost exclusively designed with a diamond-shaped frame and are used by men and women alike. However, the frame shape is still equally popular on everyday bikes. Tube length and angle depend on the bicycle's purpose.




Originally reserved for ladies' sports bikes, this frame shape continues to enjoy huge popularity today. There is no longer any stability compromise, especially when it comes to robustly designed e-bikes. The upper frame tube can be set at different heights – some models therefore even enable the rider to mount or dismount to the front. The sitting geometry is usually sporty and the head tube tends to be short.



Wave/Easy boarding

The monotube frame is a relatively new development. Previously only used on folding bikes or children's models, large-dimensioned aluminium tubes now also make it possible on 28-inch bicycles. Thanks to their simple mounting and dismounting, Wave frames are easy to use and have long been unisex. Even e-crossbikes are now available as easy-boarding models, especially as the voluminous down tube enhances stability even more.




Children's bikes come in a wide range of frames. The most important feature here is the standover height. When the child moves forward to get off the saddle, they have to be able to stand freely without leaning on the frame tube. Most bicycles will have a very short seat post, which allows ample leeway for height adjustment. The handlebars on children's bikes are usually relatively high.



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Frame shape advice

The right frame size is fundamental for comfort, performance and lasting riding pleasure. We are glad to assist you!


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