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Higher average speeds, a higher own weight and the possibility of transporting heavier loads are just some of the reasons why the quality of the braking is an indispensable safety aspect on e-bikes. The new brake assistance system from Bosch now ensures that ABS technology is given the same status in e-bikes that it has long had in the automotive industry. The new Bosch ABS is significantly smaller than its predecessor and is now attached slim to the fork. All the system components together weigh around 800 grams. The ABS is activated at a speed of 6 km/h.

The whole system consists of:

  • ABS control unit
  • ABS indicator light
  • Two speed sensors on the front and rear wheel

How does the Bosch eBike ABS work?

Drivers are usually not able to dose the braking force correctly in dangerous situations, and this is exactly where the ABS provides support. With an e-bike, a blockage of the front wheel almost inevitably leads to a fall. The eBike ABS developed by Bosch prevents the front wheel from locking up when braking, so the steerability and riding stability are maintained even during hard braking maneuvers and the e-bike can be controlled.

In the event of emergency braking or braking maneuvers on loose surfaces such as sand or gravel, the ABS intervenes automatically and brakes at short intervals. Especially if the front wheel slips, which in most cases leads to a fall, the e-bike does not break out and an accident can be avoided. This ensures driving safety at the highest level.

Rear wheel lift control

But the system can do even more. If the front wheel brakes too hard, there is a risk of a rollover. The intelligent rear wheel lift control reduces the possibility of unwanted lifting of the rear wheel. The likelihood of being ejected over the handlebar is reduced.

The advantages at a glance

  • The front wheel is prevented from locking when braking        
  • Rear wheel does not lift off unintentionally
  • Steerability is retained even under heavy braking
  • Better grip on different floor coverings

Bastian Schweinsteiger is convinced!


Our e-bikes with ABS system will be available from March 2023 - contact our specialist dealers for pre-orders!

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