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Comfortable everyday companion

  • The Bosch Active Line motor delivers quiet propulsion
  • The SHIMANO 8-speed gear shift ensures the required range
  • Available in two frame shapes
The attractively priced E-TRAVELLER SILVER 8 offers comfort and riding pleasure during everyday use and while out touring. Designed with the time-tested Bosch Active Line at its core, this bike impresses with its gentle, reliably controllable thrust and long range – you can choose between batteries with 400 or 500 watt hours. The sturdy Wave frame makes it easy to get on and off the bike and a Diamant version is available as an alternative. Disc brakes and 8-speed derailleur gears guarantee sporty prowess, ideal for brisk tours. The upright sitting position, a pleasantly shaped handlebar and the suspension fork provide comfortable locomotion. The pannier rack battery on the easy-boarding bike is pulled backwards for charging; on the Diamant model, the battery is easily accessible on the down tube. The MonkeyLoad system pannier rack for simple bag and basket attachment is highly practical.


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