Traveller E Series

Nimble riding pleasure for everyday use and tours

  • Attractively priced e-tour bikes with various motor sizes
  • Comfortable suspension fork
  • Ergonomic handlebars

The TRAVELLER E series offers economical all-rounders for tours and everyday cycling. Reliable BOSCH motors provide convenient assistance. With various equipment options (with derailleur gears or hub gear), the series meets a wide range of requirements. The frame or pannier rack battery is easy to access and remove while the upright sitting position and optional backpedal on hub gear models add extra comfort. As a result, the TRAVELLER E series is not just ideal for occasional cyclists – its focus on comfort and quiet running makes the high-quality e-bikes a delight for frequent riders, too.


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Frame shape advice

The right frame size is fundamental for comfort, performance and lasting riding pleasure. We are glad to assist you!


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